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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Belmont Property Management have implemented this Privacy Notice to advise of the types of data we process about you, the reasons for processing your data, the lawful basis that permits us to process it, how long we keep your data for and your rights regarding your data.

This notice applies to all “owners” (freehold, leasehold, commercial, tenants, suppliers and new business enquirers).


Data Protection Principles

Under GDPR, all personal data acquired and held by us must be processed according to a set of main principles. In accordance with these principles, we will ensure that:


BullietWe are lawful, compliant, open and accountable in our processing.
BullietThe data we collect is for the purposes specific to our contracts and business, and     lawful.
BullietThat the only data we collect is necessary for the purposes of processing.
BullietThe data we hold is accurate and up to date wherever possible. Any amendments     will be amended or destroyed without delay.
BullietWe will not hold data for longer than is necessary.
BullietThe way in which we process data is to ensure appropriate security of personal data     including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss,     destruction or damage.


Types of Data Held

We obtain and hold information about you in order to carry out effective and efficient processes pertaining to our contracts. The data is stored both electronically and manually on the Company premises only. Manual records are stored in locked premises. When the premises are not attended, the site has added security measures by way of a security alarm.

The data we hold is specifically:
BulletFull names
BulletEmail addresses
BulletContact phone numbers
BulletAccess Details
BulletManagement Information


Legal Basis for Processing

The law on data protection allows us to process your data for certain reasons only. In the main, we process your data in order to fulfil our contractual terms. For ease we have set down below the activities for which we need your data.


Activity   Lawful Basis

For all: To carry out the contract we have entered into with you, ie, using your name and contact details.


Performance of the contract

For suppliers: holding bank details in order to pay for services associated with our contracts.

  Performance of the contract


Who is your Data Shared With?

Employees within our company, employed to fulfil our contractual obligations have access to your data. All employees are trained in ensuring data is processed in line with GDPR. This is reflected in employment contracts.


Data can also be shared with third parties for the following reasons:

BulletContractors/suppliers: in association with repairing and maintain the properties     under contracts.
BulletSolicitors and Legal Bodies: in association with legal transfer of properties under     contracts.
BulletAgents (eg, letting and estate agents and holiday management companies): in     association with collectively maintaining properties under contract.
BulletIndependent bodies such as specialist services, ie, surveyors, structural engineers,     valuers: in association with maintaining and repairing the properties under     contracts.
BulletInsurers and Brokers: in association with the processing of an insurance claim     relating to properties under contract.
BulletSolicitors: in association with debt recovery relating to properties under contract.
BulletAny third party that purchases, or to which we transfer, all our substantially all of our     assets and business. Should such a sale or transfer occur, we will use reasonable     efforts to try to ensure that the entity to which we transfer your information uses it in     a manner that is consistent with this policy and that they implement appropriate     technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of your data.

We will only share your information with your consent, and we do not share your data with bodies outside of the European Economic Area.

Where we rely on consent to use your information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please see ‘Your Rights” section of this policy for further details.


Protecting your Data

We are aware of the requirement to ensure your data is protected against accidental loss or disclosure, destruction and abuse. We have implemented processes as far as reasonably able.


Retention Period

We only keep your data for as long as needed and required in line with legislation.


Your Rights

You have rights with regards your information and choices about how we collect and use it. Please be aware that the information we hold is to ensure we can provide you with the service required and as per contract. You can contact us at Daniell House, 26 Falmouth Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2HX. Our appointed person is currently Natasha Stevens:

BulletTo request access to your information.
BulletTo ask that we amend or correct your information.
BulletAsk that we erase or restrict the use of your information.
BulletRequest that we provide your information to you in a commonly used electronic     format and to have that information transmitted directly to another organisation     (known as the right to ‘data portability’), ie, to a letting agent.
BulletWith examples such as POA and the like, sight of legal documents will be required.



Where you have provided consent for us to use your data, you also have the right to withdraw consent at any time. This means that we will stop processing your data. However upon such a request we would make you aware of the contractual needs.

Further Information

If you are concerned that we are not using your information correctly please contact our appointed representative in the first instance to discuss.

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Protecting your investment

We provide a comprehensive service to protect and enhance the value of your investment.

We provide a comprehensive service to protect and enhance the value of your investment

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